Dave Wise

Fashion and Celebrity Photographer
AMAYA as The Girl with the pearl earing for FIASCO © Dave Wise 2015
Alex Hassell (@United Agents) for ES Magazine © Dave Wise 2015 Email: info@itsdavewise.com Telephone: +44 (0) 7834 088228

Dave Wise as an international photographer has worked with the Mousetrap for many seasons on it's production photography requirements. As a celebration of this work Dave created a series of stylised interviews in the theme of a 50's BBC Documentary piece. Dave wanted to show his respect for the longest running show on London's West End. The Mousetrap is in it's 64th year and still going strong at St Martins Theatre in the heart of the Theatre District.

Dave Wise has absolutely loved being a part of this piece of history being made with one of Agatha Christie's short stories that has gone on to captivate the world. For these short pieces, Dave commissioned the theme music from a huge producer who has worked with many famous names within the music industry, such as the original diva Joselyn Brown. It is based on the nursery ryhme Three Blind Mice a tune that is integral to the play!

Last, but by no means least, Angellica Bell, a beauty inside and out and a true British superstar as the intrepid BBC reporter braving the winter wilderness to reach Monkswell Manor.


Interview Credits

  • Director/Photographer - Dave Wise
  • Interviewer - Angellica Bell
  • The Cast
    • Mollie Ralston - Helen Clapp
    • Giles Ralston - Jonathan Warde
    • Miss Casewell - Annabelle Brown
    • Major Metcalf - David Semark
    • Mrs Boyle - France Jeater
    • Mr Paravacini - Gregory Cox
    • Christopher Wren - Robin Hemmings
    • Sergeant Trotter - Dan Gingell

Stills from The Mousetrap (© Dave Wise 2010 - 2016) The full cast on stage A scene from the play A rare look behind the scenes A scene from the play The infamous Sergeant Trotter Stateswoman Mrs Boyle
The Mousetrap Series Teaser
An introduction to the world of idylic English Countryside and the suspicious "goings on" at Monkswell Manor
Meet the Ralstons
We meet the Ralstons at their new home and business, Monkswell Manor, just as it opens its doors to the very first patrons.
Meet Mr Paravacini
The suspicious stranger, conspicuous in his accent, appears from the snow to call upon Monkswell Manor.
Meet Mrs Boyle
A retired English Stateswoman with traditional values decides to partake of the services of Ralstons.
Meet Miss Casewell
A new-age, new-thinking woman that is seeking quiet refuge whilst estranged from her foreign home.
Meet Major Metcalf
An officer and a gentleman, who may be losing the plot a little takes a jolly jaunt to avoid Christmas alone.
Meet Christopher Wren
A skittish young man whom remains a child at heart decides to expand his experiences and finds himself at Monkswell Manor during the worst snow in years.
Meet Sergeant Trotter
Sergeant Trotter is authoritive from the moment he walks in, he is all business and has the residents and guests of Monkswell Manor on edge from the very beginning.