The history of Dave

Dave’s fascination with images and their capture started a long time ago. Yes, capture, that is exactly the word; to steal a moment and hold it captive for eternity. At the tender age of 5 years old his grandmother gave him her Box Brownie and away he went.

Fast-forward 40+ years and today Dave is still capturing images with his heart; his grounding in the East End providing the framework to his storytelling, his sense of self and the depth and strength in his images. Unapologetic for his work; Dave spends his time creating images he likes, for that he is grateful.

Booking Information

Depending where in the world you are, please do get in touch. It doesn’t matter where you're from, we understand that just because you're in an office in Brazil, you may want to book to shoot somewhere else, such as London. If in doubt, contact the UK and/or complete the contact form below.


Scorching Image

Testing Information

As part of daily life, Dave Wise tests with relevant model and talent agencies around the world, if you would like to send your models or talent to Dave Wise on a test/spec basis then please do get in touch.

 Address   High Holbon, London, EC2

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